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General the most wonderful introduction to Chingis Khan and mongolia. Great site (lots of pics so little slow, but well worth the wait). Info from the book    Info from the book In depth personal page. Focus Spiritual and Historical. GOOD
list of their Mongolia information    Prezwalski horse support page    US consular info page. GOOD
   Info on cheap flights, not very responsive extensive reading list, with descriptions of each source (bibliography from ???)
a short summary of Roy Chapman Andrews, adventurer and paleontologist American Museum of Natural History Gobi related links several photos, then and now of AMNH expeditions to the Gobi Roy Chapman Andrews on snakes.

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Takhi Horse Official MACNE site for the reserve

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Visa    US consular info page. GOOD   the US Mongolian Embassy visa rules for US citizens visiting Mongolia
State Department Mongolia Page  The Chinese embassy in the US, in case you have to transit there

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